• Play SchoolOpen or Close

    “Our purpose is to improve our community by educating and preparing today’s children, their families and tomorrow’s teachers to succeed in a diverse and changing world.”

    Our Play Group Program is for children between the ages of 1.5 to 2.5 yrs, Pre K-2.5-3.5 yrs. We will be teaching songs, dance, rhymes, alphabets, numbers, shapes, circle time, parachute time, bubbles, art, craft, story time, introduction to computer aided education. We facilitate "action based" knowledge in a fun filled environment to stimulate your child's development.

    With lots of creative activities like arts, craft, Puppet shows, drama, dancing and more, we will make your child's experience a wonderful and a memorable one. Our teachers are enthusiastic and well qualified. The time your little one spends with us today will lead to a healthy development for tomorrow.

    With the motto to nurture the child and lay a healthy foundation for a learned society, wise time play school is the reckoned for providing quality education. We are a play school that awakens children’s imaginations to the immeasurable possibilities in life. Our belief is that “Children need to be nurtured in an atmosphere of love and fondness which facilitates the pleasant development of young minds”, therefore at wise time play school we provide children a cozy environment where they can blossom and can enhance their creativity. We follow an interactive curriculum for education child and make them learn with great joy through play and provide leisure activities to channel their energy in an efficient and creative manner.

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  • Day CareOpen or Close

    Our Mission

    We recognize that everyone is unique and we value the difference in our communities. We listen to all views and are committed to act without prejudice. We oppose all discrimination and promote equality in all we do.

    Our Day Care Center is the childcare charity, campaigning for quality, accessible, affordable childcare for all and raising the voices of children, parents and carers. We advise parents and carers, providers, employers, trade unions and policymakers on childcare issues.

    Our Vision

    Quality childcare involves learning through play. Our vision is of a children’s centre in every community offering integrated childcare and early education with a range of other services for families. Children’s centers would link to child minding networks and other home-based and community-based childcare.

    Schools become increasingly important as nursery schools link to reception classes and extended schools provide a variety of services for families, including childcare for older children.

    Parents’ choices would be extended by increasing paid parental leave, especially early in a child’s life, and the offer of flexible working conditions.

    Equalities, diversity and inclusion are central to our objectives and will inform and underpin all our work. Identifying, understanding and breaking down the barriers to participation and belonging is key to achieving ‘childcare for all’. This should be incorporated in all that we do.

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  • After SchoolOpen or Close

    Parents struggling to find dependable, high-quality child care for preschoolers sometimes erroneously assume that their child care worries will abate when their children enter elementary school. In fact, families must continue to arrange care for their school-age children, because the school day is considerably shorter than an adult’s full-time workday. In addition, there are school holidays, teacher in-service days, and summer vacations to consider. Some parents are able to fill this time with formal after-school programs that their children enjoy attending. Every child deserves access to a healthy, safe, productive and nurturing environment.

    We believe that day care services must be administered by qualified personnel who promote positive social behavior through developmentally appropriate and stimulating activities that meet the educational, social, emotional and recreational needs of our families.

  • Music ClassOpen or Close

    ' The mission of the music school is to form a learning climate that imparts the balanced music education in all core aspects of music and to offer programs and qualifications that are globally recognized'.

    in pursuit of this mission we reaffirm our commitment to make learning music a great fun, our teachers strive to be inspiring role models and enhance the quality of music pedagogy.

    We provide musical courses to the students. A musical instrument is constructed or used for the purpose of making the sounds of music. In principle, anything that produces sound can serve as a musical instrument. The history of musical instruments dates back to the beginnings of human culture. The academic study of musical instruments is called organology.

    Learning how to play Piano or Guitar is a great joy for any child, It is the amazing tool to improve concentration in a young child.

  • Tuition Open or Close

    Tuition program is geared for young students who perform poorly in their academics and drop out even at the primary level and end up as laborers. Children from economically weaker sections of society cannot afford to pay for extra coaching classes. Hence our Tuition Centers were established to help children excel in their academics, free of cost and to reduce the number of school dropouts in rural communities. The community provides the space for the Tuition Center.

    Tuition is taken by teachers who motivate the students to do well in all subjects. There are now many students who are benefitted by these tuition centers.

    Highlights are:

    * Excellent educational foundation in the homely atmosphere;

    * Emphasis on English Speaking.

    * All-round development of children through age-appropriate learning activities.

    Does your child need a tutor?

    In today's competitive environment, parents are keen to ensure that they provide the best education for their children. So, when they get admission to a good school, they are elated. But the buck does not stop there. Even after gaining admission to a reputed school, parents have to be hawk eyed to ensure that their child is doing well in academics and that there is adequate balance between work and play. In this article, we present a few ideas on how to decide if your child needs a tutor.

    Selecting a tutor – How important is the qualification?

    One of the fundamental questions that any parent would like to think is - Am I getting value for money? At the end of the day, if the performance of the child shows a marked improvement then you know that you have selected the right tutor. But in case, if the performance does not show improvement over several months, then you know that it is a situation that is difficult to accept and calls for remedial measures.

    Choosing the right tutor for your child

    Once you have taken the decision to engage a teacher for private tuitions, the next step is to decide who the best is for your child. It is important to choose the right tutor as this will have lot of repercussions in the future performance of your child. There are certain dos and don'ts that one needs to follow.

  • Drawing Class Open or Close

    ” Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he or she grows up ” - Pablo Piccasso

    'Basics in Drawing Techniques' is a strong foundation for any student who is keen in learning to Draw. We strongly believe that good drawing skills is a must for pursuing Art as a hobby or career. Our lessons are tailor made to the student's level and pace. Our class size has a maximum of four students. There are three levels such as Junior, Intermediate and Senior classes. This is based on individual student's age and level of skill.