Pearl Paying Hostel & Canaan Hostel





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            Pearl Paying Guest for women and Canaan Hostel for men take this as a delight in bringing into notice about the paying guest accommodation in Chennai. Pearl Paying Guest and Canaan Gostel offer you the best accommodation at affordable price with all in-room amenities. Pearl and Canaan are a good place to enjoy fantastic accommodation with fabulous food and comfort.

The first thing that comes to mind is that you want to feel at home. You need a place that is more than just a stopover, where you can actually live and not just sleep. At the end of a tired day, you want to unwind from the day’s pressures in your own happy space in the world.

We has evolved an excellent combination of style, comfort and space. Our serviced apartments are styled in the most modern and comfortable way, with courteous staff attending to your needs. We have round-the-clock service to help you in anything you need

Values of Pearl

•    We demonstrate the Love, Care and Compassion of Christ towards all people

•    We display honesty, integrity and transparency at our work.

•    We encourage new ideas, innovation and creativity.